Who Bit the Bitter Bar?

I think it was perhaps moi. Big, huge mouthful of it. Upon reading again my last post, I realize that maybe I was leaking a little bit of resentment with a sprinkle of Scrooge. And the truth of the matter is that I really have only been annoyed by a few Holiday letters. My beef (besides single-spaced travelogues and bragfests) was that I was an unwilling participant in one particular letter of 2004. It was MY dirty laundry, and a third party decided a mass mailing was her perfect platform in which to announce to the Christmas Letter Reading world my personal BEEZWAX with her spin on it. The letter was sent to her people. And mine. It was also sent to me. I thought it was tacky, insensitive, and inappropriate. I had experienced enough pain, and didn't need a cup of Morton's dumped in the proverbial wound.

Hey, call me insensitive. Call me a little bitchy. Call me George, I don't care. My family says I hold a grudge. Maybe I do. Or maybe I just BLOG and try to move on.

Honestly, Happy New Year y'all!!


cjblue said...

So of course now I have to guess: Ex-mother in law?

WriterChick said...

Yes. I know, can I please just GET OVER it?

PFG said...

I feel for you, I really do. I was recently thinking we need to have a convention of sending cards when we end a long term relationship. Kind of like birth or engagement announcements. The thought occurred to me because I have spent far too much time this year telling people in my department (where I work and supposedly learn things) that I don't know when my boyfriend will be defending his dissertation, I don't know how he's doing, and I don't know if he likes his new job or not because he isn't my boyfriend anymore. Oh yeah that feels GREAT to have to interrupt the whole public act of getting on with my life (social and professional) to deal with their almost always stupid and usually contextually insensitive comments on the breakup "Oh, uh, really? When did that happen?" Like I want to discuss that with my neuropsych professor at a colloquium dinner.

So a card we can send out that says something like "FYI, my marriage/long term live in relationship/etc with so and so is over" seems like it might be useful. It can have as much or little detail as desired, and some polite and clever way to communicate if you'd prefer people shut their pie holes the next time they see you and not bother with the forced platitudes. I propose this here (with tongue firmly in cheek of course) because it sure would be nice to pre-empt the folks who think they're doing you a favor by giving the world their slanted take on the ups and downs of your life.

Ah alas. Would that it were so easy.