Do You Know What I Know?

Or do you hear what I don't hear?
This is going to be quick, but I have twice now read the article in which Pete Townshend warns the world not to use I-Pods because of potential hearing loss. PT apparently lost his hearing wearing headphones during recording sessions. His website states: "If you use an iPod or anything like it, or your child uses one, you MAY be OK. ... But my intuition tells me there is terrible trouble ahead."

HUH? Is it me, or is the absolute DUMBEST thing you have ever read? This is newsworthy?Hello, Doctor T, you are an electric guitar player. You played in a really loud band for many years. In stadiums with sometimes a hundred thousand people screaming. With amps cranked up to 11 (pardon the Spinal Tap analogy). But I'm sure it was less loud when you smashed your guitar into the amps than it was inside of your studio headphones. What about your fellow musicians? Thousands of them who have been in recording studios. Are they all deaf too? And why just i-pod? Why not personal CD players or MP3 players? Those really big headphones from the 70s...should I throw them away?

I suppose if Madonna is a children's book writer and Tom Cruise is a psychologist, why can't Pete Townsend be an audiologist? I once farted in the bathtub, so does that make me an expert in anything? Heck no, but if it was Brad Pitt, you could bet your tootie he would be the world's next jacuzzi genius.

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cjblue said...

I hear ya.