PV...Not a Fun Thing...

I can't believe how many times I used the term "projectile vomit" in the last 8 hours. So I looked it up.
No entry found for projectile vomit.
Did you mean projectile vomiting? (Seems I misspoke the phrase)
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Nausea Vomiting
Vomiting Treatment
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Would you like to search the Web for projectile vomit? WHY YES I WOULD...

pro·jec·tile vomiting n.: Expulsion of the contents of the stomach with great force.
Your six-year-old starting at 2 a.m. and continuing for the next 18 hours...
And to think I paled when she announced yesterday to me, "They sent me to the school nurse so she could check me for fleas."
We don't have fleas. But we do have vomit.
(sidebar to other mommies and daddies: Red Jell-O not a good plan until at least a day has passed).

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cjblue said...

HEY, dammit. We need a new post, slackah! And we need a dinner & mall day. Let's work on next week since this week has me wishing I had a nice dark hole to climb into till it's all over.